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It's Toastie Week! And we have the one toastie recipe to rule them all!


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One, two ,three…say “cheese”! It’s time to smile broadly, because this week is special- on this date, we, the cheese lovers celebrate the simple meal that got us through university, morning hangovers, Sunday laziness and winter colds.

The toastie! A melted gift of warmth and flavours. There are so many ways to make one and everyone seems to have their own unique recipe.

But in case you want to try something new, which comes with a tested guarantee of deliciousness, we have just the right method for a morning toastie treat.

The nation’s favourite pickle- Branston have developed this delicious cheese toastie recipe, guaranteed to get your taste buds watering. It is the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, perfect for the special week.

The Perfect Toastie recipe Ingredients:

2 slices of Sourdough Bread
1 tsp of Butter
100g Pilgrims Choice Cheddar (grated)
1 tbsp Branston Pickle
1 tbsp Mayonnaise
1-2 Slices good quality ham
A snip of cress
¼ sliced tomato


1.)     Butter the outside of the sourdough slices, and begin assembling your ingredients.
2.)     On one side, spread the Branston Pickle.
3.)     On the opposite side, spread the mayonnaise.
4.)     On top of the pickle, add the grated Pilgrims Choice Cheddar, the sliced tomato, the cress and the ham.
5.)     Close the sandwich, using the side of the mayo to seal the sandwich in
6.)     Place the sandwich on a pre-heated dry frying pan on a medium heat. Press down with a spatula.
7.)     After about 3 minutes when you can see the cheese melting, flip the sandwich over.
8.)     Make sure the sandwich is golden on both sides and the cheese has melted inside.
9.)     Cut in half, and serve.

There is never enough cheese on this planet, but still, we urge you to be generous and make a toastie for a friend!



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