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Opinion: "Watching football has become too expensive"


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There once was a day when you could watch your favourite football team play for as little as £5, having bought a ticket on the gate. But those days are long behind us.

Today, ticket prices across all leagues, especially the Championship and Premier League, have more than trebled in price. With some fans having to pay almost £50 for a singular game ticket.

Season tickets are a much more popular way of supporting teams these days, but even these are ridiculously expensive. Arsenal FC’s highest season ticket price is £2,013.

With prices like these populating the modern game, is football only for the rich?

The entire premise around a football day out, whether home or away is becoming more expensive as time goes on.

With ticket prices soaring, travel becoming increasingly expensive, a match programme coasting as much as five pounds at some stadiums. And let’s not even begin to discuss the price of stadium food and drinks.

And then there’s watching football on TV or online. A way for supporters who are unable to attend the game to get behind their team and watch them play. However, to be able to do this, you must have either the Sky Sports package or BT Sport –the two channels where the majority of the English League games are shown on. Or have an online subscription, something like Now TV.

These packages cost quite a lot of money, and often this is money that some people just don’t have to spend on ‘watching sport’.

Take students for example, some of which had season tickets for their local team and watched them at home every game before moving for their studies. But, since moving to university, are unable to do this.

Watching games on the TV is the perfect way to still be able to support their favourite team from miles away. But students can’t afford to buy the packages.

With live streaming on games being cut down by internet suppliers, this is taking away the only free way of watching football for many supporters who can’t afford to watch it any other way. Although streaming is illegal and often very unreliable, it enables a lot of supports to watch games that they otherwise would not be able to.

The price of watching football has simply become far too expensive today. Meaning that many working-class families, students etc... are unable to enjoy the beautiful game. Football is becoming too focused on money rather than the game itself. 

Image Credit - Flickr Commons, James Boyes / Dan Farrimond

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