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Here's what students think of Birmingham's Commonwealth Games bid


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Last week, Birmingham became the United Kingdom’s bid city to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

If successful, Birmingham will be the first city in England to host the games since Manchester took the reins in 2002.

With many sports enthused youngsters hoping to get involved in the games, we gathered the thoughts of University students on a potential sporting spectacle for the nation.

Adam Clancy, City, University of London

“Yeah, of course I’d love to see them come back to the UK.

“Look at how well we did with the Olympics in 2012, we've proved we can host major sporting events.

“As for Birmingham, I think it's great for the city, it's time for big cities other than London in the U.K to get the recognition they deserve.”


Lucille Middleton, University of Nottingham

“To be quite honest I didn't know Birmingham were wanting to have the Commonwealth Games held there.

“However, if they have the facilities to hold the games I don't see why not.

“Birmingham is quite up and coming so I think it would be welcome and would pump more money into the city. It has many transport links so people would be able to reach the city to support our athletes.

“I would like to see the games come to the UK as it inspires young people to take part in more sport.”


Natalie Speechley, Aberystwyth University

“A city as big as Birmingham can make anything work or can be adapted to make it work!

“Having the games back in the UK would be amazing! It would do what the Olympics did but on a smaller scale, create more jobs and build up underprivileged areas.”


Matthew Wright, University of Portsmouth

“Well, I can't say that I've been to Birmingham. But from my impressions of it, I'd say it could do with a major event like that for obvious economic benefit toward the area, but also possibly to the welfare of people in the city.

“I like seeing athletic events so bringing it to the UK is great and I look forward to the time it does.”

Briony Pickford, University of Edinburgh

“Personally, I think that Birmingham's bid for the Commonwealth Games is a fantastic idea.

“Birmingham has already hosted a multitude of sporting events so are already half way there with their venue requirement. Providing even more spaces for advanced sports training will only increase the interest in sports on a competitive level.

“Bringing such impressive athletes to the city will also provide an epoch of sporting inspiration to the youth generation.

“However, people should be aware that such an economic investment will unlikely have an immediate return. This is not a reason to think negatively of the bid.

“The investment will be worthwhile for the economy eventually whilst the uptake of healthy lifestyles and competitive level sports will be immediate.

“The effect will be long-lasting, Edinburgh is still benefiting from hosting the commonwealth games.”


Imogen Marshall, City, University of London

“Birmingham is such a large city and it has the facilities and means to be able to cope whilst also being in the centre so should be able to draw quite large crowds.

“I think competitions like these on larger scales are best in larger cities as they will attract larger crowds as opposed to somewhere more remote which people may not have heard of.

“I've had numerous competitions in Birmingham and they've all worked well, officials who are usually all voluntary come from all areas of the UK to help so good transport links will mean they'll be able to help, which is good as the competition won't work without them.

“Of course, the UK is struggling with participation in athletics at the moment, especially with the issues surrounding drug use and doping so having such a major competition hosted in a large city in the UK can only boost awareness and hopefully participation at a younger age and lower level if it were to be hosted here.”

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Main Image shows the closing ceremony of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi 

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