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TV Review: Preacher (Season 2, Episode 12)


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‘On your knees’ finally sees more plot development and action, and it’s most possibly because of the return of the Saint of Killers.

But firstly, back in Hell, Eugene faces his own personal nightmare again in Preacher’s twelfth episode ‘On your knees’. Except this time he has a companion who’s quite fuhrer-ious with him taking so long.

The episode starts with a long stretch of Eugene trying to get over the worst moment in his life – the time when his friend and crush Tracy.

However, this time it’s different, as he realizes what he should really do is stand up to his own guilt concerning the circumstances of her death (which as we learn in the second season has very little to do with him). The whole scene is surprisingly poignant, but also made funny by Hitler’s expressions.

Another familiar face that makes a comeback this episode is the Saint of Killers, as we see how he’s saved from his watery prison only to be stuck in the same van with Hoover babysitting him and trying to recruit him for the Grail’s house.

As he spends weeks stuck in that van, we get treated to more flashbacks with his family. Though a flashback at such a late point in the season is a weird narrative decision, especially since it gives little new information about the Saint of Killers, any screentime with him is worth.

Meanwhile, as Jesse comes back to the apartment, things start looking out for the unholy trio, but that obviously means that trouble (in the form of the Saint) awaits them.

Though the action scene of them fighting the Saint is well done, the one where the Saint chooses kitchen knives while Cassidy goes on about his conspiracy theories is one of the highlights of this season.

With Superintendent Mannering arriving on Earth in the nick of time to take the Saint back to his prison, the Hell storyline is finally consolidated with the rest of the plot. That is overshowed by Mannering’s revelation that Herr Starr had never given up on him becoming the Messiah.

Herr Starr’s ongoing plan in fact involves meeting with Tulip and Cassidy, whose motivations have been staying loyal to Jesse rather than any feeling of religious duty. That’s why it’s easy for him to convince them to leave Jesse to follow his messianic mission.  

The episode ends with Jesse agreeing to become the Messiah, but what that means is still unclear and there’s only 40 minutes left on next week’s finale to resolve all the hanging plot threads.

The season finale of Preacher will be available on Amazon Prime UK on Tuesday.

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