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Teen puts virginity up for sale to pay off uni debts


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A teenager has put her virginity on sale on an online site, with the money raised to go towards her university fees, a car and a flat.

The 18-year-old, who is half Austrian and half German and referred to only as Kim, has set up a profile Cinderella Escorts, a specialist escort agency selling virgins for millions of pounds.

Bidding for the teen starts at 100,000 EUR (£86,640) and includes a doctor’s check to “inspect” whether the girl has or has not previously had sex.

Kim, 18, said in a statement on her profile: “After I read about other Virgins who sold their Virginity on Cinderella Escorts I asked myself one question.

“Should I give my virginity to a man who later on maybe will break up with me or is it better to take a lot of money instead.”

Kim is willing to travel anywhere in the world to meet the highest bidder. With the money made put towards a flat, car and university fees in her dream locations of Germany or Vienna.

It is believed the student was inspired by 18-year-old Romanian model Aleexandra Khefran, who sold her virginity for £2million to a businessman from Hong Kong.

Jan Zakobielski has been revealed as the man behind the site, which he runs from the basement of his parents’ house.

It is claimed Zakobielski receives a 20% cut on all sales, a deal which bags him hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper in March, Cinderella Escorts said: “Over 30 virgins [have] sent us requests for selling their virginity on our website.

“Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, from Arabic countries and from Asia.

“The wish of selling somebody’s virginity is no exception.”

Image Credit - Cinderella Escorts

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