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Conditions of being a Writer

Hi there! Thanks for applying to be a writer for The National Student – marvellous job!

Before you flick right to the end of the programme to see what you could get when you become a 5*-er (dw, you'll get there), we have a few things you need to check prior to committing to us.

Initial Conditions

You must have some social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter)

You must be able and willing to create content for us (that's why you're here)

You must commit to 1 catch-up (Skype chat / Facebook messenger chat) a month


New Ink Warrior (1 month to fulfil the below)

What you need to do:

  • Create a full profile on The National Student
  • Submit 3 test articles
  • Accept member invite to the writers' group
  • Follow on social media


What you'll get:

Shout out on The National Student social media channels and in the Contributors' group.

The option to submit articles to any section.


Kicking-ass on the Keyboard

What you need to do:

  • 10 Published Articles
  • 5,000 Reads
  • Social Sharer


What you'll get:

We'll endorse you on LinkedIn.

Access to exclusive TV/film screening links and music review links.



What you need to do:

  • 20 Published Articles
  • 20,000 Reads
  • Social Sharer


What you'll get:

Get more recommendations from The National Student staff on LinkedIn.

Attend gigs, festivals and performances in the UK.

Conduct celebrity interviews.

Attend premieres, openings and other press events.

Can apply to be an Assistant Editor.


Bossing It

What you need to do:

  • 35 Published Articles
  • 40,000 Reads
  • Social Sharer


What you'll get:

All the benefits of being a 3* writer, plus...

Get a personal recommendation from the Senior Editor, Lucy Miller on LinkedIn.

Attend festivals abroad.

Can attend travel press trips in the UK and abroad.

Can apply to be an Editor.


Top Trending

What you need to do:

  • 50 Published Articles
  • 70,000 Reads
  • Social Sharer


What you'll get:

All the benefits of being a 4* writer, plus...

Official reference from The National Student.

A REALLY nice pen.

Exclusive The National Student merchandise.

The boring bit (Ts&Cs)

So we need to clarify a few things regarding the Writers Programme. Bit dull, but necessary.

  1. You're not guaranteed all the wins. Although we will try our hardest to give you everything we can, the fact is it's not always possible. You can specify if there's one thing you really, really want at each level, though. And you're always guaranteed LinkedIn recommendations etc.
  2. If you want to stay part of the programme and progress to 5*, you need to stick with some specific timeframes. We've broken down each stage into the following:


Your probation period, you have 1 month to fulfil the criteria.


You have 3 months to do this after passing probation (so 4 articles a month to upload, basically – you'll already have 3 under your belt after probation).


You have 2 months to do this after reaching 2* status (so 5 articles a month to upload, as you'll already be on 15; easy). You're also going to have to get more active on social media to increase your read count.


Another 2 months to do this, so again 5 articles a month. At this stage you've proven your commitment and again it's more about getting those reads up by actively sharing stuff on social media.


Hell, take your time here. You've proven you're bloody good at what you do and don't need any pushes from us to motivate yourself. Once you hit your 50 published articles and 70,000 reads for this section, we'll make it totally worth your time.

That’s about it really... Well done again – the next round’s on us.

To sign up, click here.

Send me a message at or on Facebook if you need any more info / just fancy a chat. Remember there's no such thing as a stupid question.

You could even pick up the phone if you want and call me on (0)207 840 2968 (568).
Let's get The National Student trending.


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