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Top Ten Weirdest Sex Laws

06th June 2012 14:35:19

There are some strange laws out there but laws about sex tend to top the bizarre ranks. So, with some gawping at the computer screen in disbelief, we compiled a top ten of the weirdest laws that govern the rules of the bedroom.Sex Laws

London. It is illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle. Although we wouldn’t advise you to try it on a motorcycle in motion, either. 

Romboch, Virginia. It is illegal to engage in sexual activity with the lights on. (Your girlfriend is only obeying the law.)

West Virginia. It is LEGAL for a male to have sex with an animal as long as it does not exceed 40lbs. 

Lebanon. (Sticking with the animal theme) men are legally allowed to have sex with animals as long as the animal is female. Any sexual activity with male animals is forbidden. Because that, clearly, would make the act inappropriate. 

Birmingham. It is illegal for a man and woman to have sex on the steps of any church after the sun goes down. (Thus, if you do happen to be ‘taken-up-in-the-moment’ on the steps of a Birmingham church please ensure the sun is in sight.)

Wyoming. It is against the law to entice, instigate, allure or help someone under the age of 21 to masturbate. This is legally known as an act of ‘self pollution’. And of course, it is really important that we save the planet. Clearly in Wyoming, they're worried about this. 

China. The T’ang dynasty Empress Wu Hu passed a law concerning oral sex. She believed that a woman pleasuring a man orally showed male supremacy so she passed a law that insisted all male dignitaries who visited show their respect by pleasuring her orally as a greeting. (Perhaps this is where the expression ‘Woohoo’ comes from?)

Indiana. Moustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to kiss other humans. We believe this law should be rolled-out worldwide, with immediate affect. 

Liverpool. Women can sell items whilst topless, as long as they are in a tropical fish store. Huge marketing stunt for Scouse pet-shop owners?

Drum roll please for...Connorsville, Wisconsin, where no man shall shoot a gun whilst a woman is orgasming.

Banning a man from shooting his gun seems like a strange sort of sex rule to us. 

But then, who are we to judge what happens in Wisconsin. 

TNS recommends that you abide by these laws. But do feel free to use this article as advice for world travel, if you so wish. 

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