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23rd May 2012 16:30:00

Everybody loves weddings. Think back on Will and Kate tying the knot last year and you’ll see that it doesn’t even have to be their own wedding (or even that of someone they know) for people to get all misty-eyed and ask for a day off work.Zombie Wedding

The problem with celebrity weddings, though, is that they set the bar so high. It’s  a sa d fact but not everyone can walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey while their nuptials are broadcast onto screens around the world.  Or can they?  Well, most happy couples probably can’t manage the Westminster Abbey part but, thanks to the internet, people really do have the chance to show the world how amazing (I assume that nobody would upload a video if it was terrible) their wedding was.

I guess we’ve all seen those viral videos where some kooky couple do a crazy first dance together. If you’ve got a funny wedding video then feel free to go ahead and show the world.  Good on you, in fact.  But if your wedding video doesn’t merit a five minute slot on the Ellen Degeneres Show, would it not just be better to include it as an attachment to a group email? This next video is probably one of those that should have been kept as part of a private collection. This must have been the oddest wedding ever.

Everything starts to make a bit more sense a couple of minutes in when they start talking and you realise that this is an Eastern European wedding. Even so, I still find the number of inflatables at the reception a bit odd (the inflatable cherry is a metaphor too far). The impromptu running race in the field full of giant molehills is also very strange. As is the music that was chosen to play in the background. The video opens with the soundtrack to the Sound of Music and the James Bond theme tun e is played at least three times.  If I mentioned every weird thing about this video, though, we’d be here all day.

Even though their wedding celebrations were just as odd, I can’t help but find the next couple completely charming. Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee, a Korean couple, decided that a traditional set of wedding photos were not what they wanted. In the photos that they posed for, our Korean lovebirds are enjoying a romantic picnic in the countryside (so far, so normal) when they are attacked by a zombie. Rather than flee, they turn on the zombie and beat seven shades of blue out of it. Incredible. You can see the full set here.

In other news, a pair of underwear which apparently once belonged to Queen Elizabeth II was auctioned on eBay this week.  After 18 bids, the knickers (which were supposedly left on a private plane in Chile in 1968) were sold for a whopping $18,000. You can read the full story here.

And finally, I normally try to watch a bit of TV or spend some time on YouTube before I go to bed at night.  I find it relaxes me so I can drop off to sleep more easily.  This next video will not help you fall asleep.  In fact, it will possibly do exactly the opposite. A man with a big spoon is crying and eating soup while being consoled by two weird black and white dolls. I can’t explain why but it’s really creepy.  Anyway, sweet dreams...

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