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This grumpy husky is really not here for Christmas


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Anuko the husky has a very distinct expression, and it makes for some hilarious pictures.

The soon-to-be four-year-old was snapped by his owner Jasmine Milton wearing antlers and a scarf, and couldn’t have looked less happy about it.

Merry Christmas…. or whatever

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It was an expression Jasmine knew was ripe for memeing.

When you’re raw fed and your human offers you a baked treat.

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The incredibly popular husky, who doesn’t mind having his picture taken because he knows there’s a treat in it for him on the other side, has over 60,000 followers on Instagram.

The social media site hosts hundreds of thousands of dog accounts, but what makes Anuko stand out is definitely the black “mask” around his eyes – something that was even more distinct as a puppy.

Here’s baby Anuko with his mum and dad, Anuska and Roman.

Family photo.

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“He looks a lot like his dad, Roman, who is also quite grumpy too, and that’s who he gets it from,” Jasmine said.

She added: “The black marks around his eyes are a lot of what makes him uniquely grumpy. As he grows he is losing his ‘mask’ – it was much darker and fuller as a puppy. I hope he never loses it completely.”

The pup has been spotted in memes across the internet since making his Instagram debut – something Jasmine isn’t surprised about.

“He’s used in LOADS of memes, across all types of subjects. His expressions are just so relatable.”

Take this one the 20-year-old, who’s studying to apply for veterinary school, made herself.

Hm, yes. I think these need to be printed onto t-shirts. Who else agrees?

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It’s not hard to imagine people ascribing emotions and thoughts to these ones either.

If you go down to the woods today…

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Look at how intensely he watched his dad when he was a puppy. This is a serious learning face.

"Ah, so that's how you chew a bone."

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Jasmine said it took about five minutes to get Anuko to sit still for the Christmas picture, which is one of his most liked despite only being uploaded recently.

“He was far too preoccupied trying to bite the snow that was falling on his head,” she said.

The dog, who lives in Telford, is apparently very quiet – never barking or howling, and only really making any noise when he’s about to go on a walk.

“He’ll woo at me,” Jasmine said. “I think it’s his way of telling me to hurry up.”

We’d accept any amount of backchat from a face like this.

Anuko the husky
(Jasmine Milton)

Never change, you big grumpy dog.

How DARE you interrupt my sleep!

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