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16 scientific facts that are just too freaky to wrap your head around


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Science, more often than not, can answer questions that were previously unknown to us. But sometimes, it can simply blow your mind.

People on reddit are sharing scientific facts that are just to freaky to get your head around – and here are a few below:

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1. Every creature on Earth, from octopus to tardigrade to spiders, all of them are genetically related to us in some way or another. – Jauxerous

2. Plants have sexual organs. Whenever you touch its pollen, you’re touching the precursor of the plant sperm cell. The fruit you eat are the ovaries of the plant that they came from. – excusememoi

3. Gravity changes time. The greater the gravity, the slower time flows. – Liar_tuck

4. The fact that all stars will eventually die out and new ones will no longer be born. The universe and everything in it will be cold, dark, and dead. – heyimjason

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5. The sun is going to expand to a red giant and engulf the earth billions of years before stars stop being born in the universe. – KetzerJefe343

6. On average, your friends have more friends than you. – NullStellen

7. There are microscopic bugs living on our eyelashes. EEEEWWWWWW! – betcaro

8. We’re sitting on a rock flying through space at an incredibly high speed. – wonder-maker

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9. Stomach enzymes digest you when you die. – ScizorSci

10. Smells are particles of things on your nose. Not the biggest scientific fact, but remember this every time you go to a public bathroom… – FriendDinosaur

11. That I’m sleeping on top on top of millions of dust mites and their carcasses. – drleeisinsurgery

12. Your white blood cells can attack your own body mistaking it for a foreign invader. This can happen in your eye and can leave you blind. – Icelandic_Invasion

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13. We have no idea why we need sleep. How do we not knowing something that’s so integral to our lives? How can we not know this by now? – Crudejelly

14. That at any moment there are hundreds, if not thousands of neutrinos passing through you without you ever being aware of it. You’ll never know what it feels like because they never interact with you in normal life, scientists have to setup very specific and sensitive experiments to even have a chance of picking them up, so you never will. – Th4tRedditorII

15. Astronomer here! No matter how good we get in sky surveys to detect asteroids, there is no way to detect one that comes from the direction of the sun that is about to hit Earth. – Andromeda321

16. If you filled the entire observable universe with paper and wrote in very small print, it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough room to write Graham’s Number. – siler7

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