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9 things people would put on their ‘anti-bucket list’


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A bucket list denotes a collection of achievements or experiences a person wants to accomplish in their lifetime – so, what would an anti-bucket list look like?

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There’s no better place to solve this conundrum than the fountain of knowledge that is Reddit, and this is exactly the peculiar concept user zzephyrus asked their fellow users to ponder – with the question, “what is something you’ll never do again?”

Here are 9 of the finest and most popular answers.

1. Buy a house with a history of structural problems, no matter what repairs have been done – InstagramLincoln

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2. I once ran backwards to see how fast I could go. I learned two things.

I can run backwards pretty fast… Breaking your arm in two places is not fun – SoapSudGaming

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3. Date a girl who cheated with me before getting with me, thinking they would be different while dating me – gt35r

4. Go in to credit card debt – wseibert

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5. Cook bacon naked. Lesson learned sufficiently after only one time. – bigbabich

6. Tooth extraction without sedation. The $200 for the gas is the best money I’ve ever spent – theshoegazer

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7. Be pepper sprayed – mastergoo834

8. Go drink for drink with an Aussie – Holden_place

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9. Get married – I don’t think my wife is down with the whole “sister wife” thing… – VictorBlimpmuscle

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