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'Hold My Avacado': The perfect Millennial catchphrase according to Time Magazine


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Time Magazine has baffled the internet with the claim that ‘hold my avocado’ is the perfect phrase for Millennials.


The magazine seemed to look too far into a tweet from Google Ventures partner Ken Norton, publishing an article stating that 'hold my avocado' is the ‘viral catchphrase Millennials have been looking for’.

Norton tweeted on Tuesday:

Time published their article the following day which consists of them painfully explaining the meaning behind Norton’s tweet, that being a play on the ‘hold my beer’ joke.

Time went on to say that "The proliferation of all things avocado-related, from overpriced toast to fancy pizza to elaborate art, has become shorthand for the trends and priorities that Millennials, in particular, embody."

Naturally, seeing as no one in their right mind is coining the phrase ‘hold my avocado’, Twitter proceeded to rip the Time article apart.

Some pointed at the magazine’s clear lack of understating when it comes to Millennials:

Others pointed what’s really on Millennials’ minds instead of avocados:

Norton himself seemed to feel partly responsible for Time’s article:

It appears that contrary to Time’s understanding of what Millennials say, ‘hold my avocado’ is not, in fact, the catchphrase they have been looking for...

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