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Someone created a Twitter account purely to ‘save’ Doctor Who from Jodie Whittaker


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Aside from the thousands of people who were completely ecstatic about the 13th Doctor being revealed as a woman yesterday, there were – of course – a few who couldn’t quite get on board with the historic decision.

Whilst many attempted to convince themselves that Doctor Who’s creators would care if they NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW EVER AGAIN, one took their anger to the extreme – and created a Twitter account purely to ‘save’ the BBC show from new Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

Needless to say, it was swiftly, swiftly mocked into oblivion.

Shortly after being called “fucking tragic” by Jack Monroe, @SaveOurDW disappeared from Twitter.

Not the outcome the creator was imagining, we presume, but the best we ourselves could possibly have hoped for.

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