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This husband attempted to photobomb his wife’s workout video and instantly regretted it


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Karli Jaeckel has been posting fitness videos online for a little over a year now and is starting to get a lot of attention.

But while her form is spectacular, Karli’s videos are getting popular for another reason – a mishap that happened in the background of one of them.

Here’s Karli, from Washington state, filming one of her workouts – and her husband Jeff Jaeckel, in the background, wanting to get involved in the action.

When your husband attempts a sweet move to photo bomb your workout video, and it totally back fires

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That did not go well for Jeff.

“Probably the worst part about this was right after it happened Karli whispered to me ‘is it okay if I finish my workout?'” Jeff said. Cold.

It’s not the first time Jeff’s tried to share in some of Karli’s attention, but it’s definitely the first time it’s worked to this extent.

Karli said: “I do a lot of workout videos and occasionally he’ll work out with me and since I film it – he’s not super into fitness like I am – but since I film it and he knows I’m going to be posting it to all my friends on Facebook, he’ll wear funny outfits or he’ll do really weird things in my videos.

“My following have gotten used to him being silly, so he was just going to do some silly move back there but… you saw what happened… he didn’t mean to do that.”

So what now? Karli’s video is on the front page of Reddit and is racking up thousands of shares online. It would seem the public love a bit of Jeff and Karli.

Karli and her husband Jeff
(Karli Jaeckel)

“I just thought it would be funny to my friends, I didn’t think that anyone would even share it,” Karli, whose company Beachbody is coming to the UK this autumn, said.

“When we got to like 10 shares me and my husband were like, ‘oh wow, 10 people shared it!’

“I actually have a lot of videos of us doing weird stuff but at the time I didn’t have as big of a following. I’m gonna try to post those older videos in funny ways and see what I can make of it.”

And more mishaps with Jeff should be all the reason you need to keep an eye on Karli’s Facebook.

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