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This guy wore the same T-shirt for seven years of school photographs


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You know that one piece of clothing that just gets you? Justin Taylor from Palos Verdes, California has that special relationship with a T-shirt he’s been modelling for quite some time.

Taylor, 34, posted this image of a collection of school photos on Twitter, and if you look carefully, you’ll notice there’s a running theme: the T-shirt.

As Taylor explains, from sixth grade to 12th grade (around year seven to year 13 here in the UK) he put on the same Billabong T-shirt for seven consecutive years of school photographs.

“The second year was kind of accidental if I remember correctly,” said Taylor. “From there I thought it was hilarious so decided to keep going with it. Since this tweet has done so well I think I’ll bring it back next time I need an official photo taken for something.”

Asked if it was his favourite T-shirt, Taylor was in no doubt. “For sure,” he continued. “I mean I’m 34 and got it when I was, what, 12? So it’s for sure been with me the longest.”

That’s more than 20 years of commitment to a T-shirt, and while that fact alone is incredible, there’s an even more dramatic tale behind the garment.

“It disappeared for like 10 years,” said Taylor. “I was constantly telling my mom how upset I was that she probably threw it away, and then she found it, which I’m so happy about.”

But one question remains: does it still fit?

It does!

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