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David Walliams and Simon Cowells' face-swap photo is all kinds of disturbing


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Comedian David Walliams has horrified his social media followers by sharing a disturbing face-swap photo with Simon Cowell.

The Britain’s Got Talent co-judges posed for the bizarre snap in the lead-up to the second round of auditions in the ITV contest this weekend.

Presenter Lisa Snowdon commented on the Instagram picture: “Now that is freaky.”

Another follower responded: “Creepy, but it works.”

While the picture shows the pair sporting each other’s glasses and main facial features, the picture app allowed Simon to keep his glistening white teeth.

Match made in heaven...
Match made in heaven… (Joe Giddens/PA)

Pointing out the dental difference, actress Sheridan Smith asked Walliams: “Why do (you) still not have the flashy teeth?”

The TV duo are known for their playful bickering throughout the talent show series, usually sparked by David teasing Simon.

The Little Britain star posted the photograph on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts with the caption: “Face swap with my @SimonCowell.”

And fans just could not help piling on the jokes…

As the pair’s bro-mance develops, we can only hope this isn’t a hint towards what their children would look like…

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