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Finally the good news we’ve all been waiting for: it’s ok to eat ice cream for breakfast


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Yes, it's true. A scoopfull of sugary frozen goodness may actually make you more alert in the mornings. 

A study published by Yoshihiko Koga, of Japan's Kyorin University, found that participants who ate ice cream immediately after waking up performed better than those who didn't.

Clinical trials conducted by the team saw participants eat ice cream as soon as they woke up, then use a computer to undertake a series of mental exercises.

Those who had eaten ice cream had a better reaction time and were able to process information better.

These subjects had an increase in high-frequency alpha waves, associated with alertness. 

Participants were also studied when given a glass of cold water instead of ice cream. This made them more alert, but not as much as the ice cream had done. 

Yoshihiko Koga has reportedly been unable to pinpoint a specific reason for the ice cream's positive impact. 

So there you have it - scientific proof ice cream is good for us. Ben and Jerrys anyone?

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