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Showering too much can be bad for us


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Here's a weird one - researchers say we should be proud of our natural stink. IFL Science reports that showering too often can have negative effects on the body. 

The findings come from a study of the Yanomami people in the Amazon rainforest. Researchers found “that they had a far richer community of microbes in their mouth, skin and faeces.” If you shower, it's believed that you disrupt the natural community of microbes in your body, and this can do more harm than good.

Some people have decided to try this out and quit showering altogether.

man showering

According to Metro, one MIT graduate hasn’t showered for 12 years, but has still kept a job. What’s his secret?

He claims to spray his body with a fluid he invented, which only contains “ ‘good bacteria’. This is based on ones found in human armpits. What does this magical bacteria spray do?

Apparently, it eats the ammonia in our sweat. The makers behind the spray claim that it works as a cleanser, deodorant, anti-inflammatory and an immune-system booster, that is applied regularly from a bottle of clear fluid, containing lots of bacteria.

This allows the body to be coated in an “invisible colony of microbes, which work instead of, or in addition to conventional cleaning” according to maker AOBiome.  

Whilst there is no sustainable evidence that showering too much is bad for your health, it’ll make you think twice about choosing the squeaky clean life over lazy bacteria.

So what happens to the daily gym-goers? Perhaps we should be holding our breath in case the pong gets too much. 

Photo: Pixabay - Olichel

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