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Cleaning firm is looking for women to clean in the buff


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A UK cleaning service is recruiting women (sorry guys!) to clean homes for £45 an hour, with one catch - you have to do the job completely naked.

Demand for naked cleaners has been high in Surrey and Essex, according to Laura Owens, who runs UK-wide company Naturalist Cleaners.

The job role includes dusting, general tidying, vacuuming, watering plants, making beds, washing/drying up, using washing machines, ironing, polishing, cleaning windows and sweeping floors.

So there's no need to unblock drains, clean ovens, empty bins, excessive lifting of heavy items or do any other unsavoury tasks.

Ms Owens, who is based in Surrey, told the i that the only requirements for the job are knowing how to clean professionally, being over the age of 21, being a good communicator – and a willingness to be nude.

Body shape and size are irrelevant too, according to Ms Owens, who posted the advert on Facebook.

The company is asking for women to come forward because they have already hired enough male cleaners to fulfil demand.

There are a number of health and safety procedures in place to protect staff.

For safety reasons, cleaners must call to head office after five minutes, 30 minutes and when they finish the cleaning at client's home.

The company also recommends cleaners wear gloves and slippers - so at least your hands and feet are covered!

As well as this a client should provide all the cleaning materials and equipment so there’s no need for cleaners to buy their own.

If working in the nude is not for you, Naturist Cleaners also offers fully clothed cleaning.

To apply head over to, where you can also find further information.

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