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In Case You Missed It: Man wins free pizza for a year but gives it all away for a lovely reason


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Throughout this week we'll be catching you up on the news you might have missed over the Christmas break. Next up: a lovely tale about pizza and giving... 

Free pizza for a year sounds like an absolute godsend, just imagine all those slices of cheesy goodness at your disposal.

Yet one man did something others would struggle to do when he was blessed with 365 day’s worth of pizza – he gave it all away.

Restaurant Mario’s Pizza, in Northampton, Pennsylvania, ran a competition giving loyal customers a chance to win complimentary pizza for a year. Over 1,000 hopefuls entered but there could only be one winner, and that was Josh Katrick.


Katrick, who has colon cancer, found out he’d been randomly selected as the winner as he was on his way out of a chemotherapy session. He told local news channel 69 News: “I remember coming out of there thinking, ‘I just won pizzas for a year! That’s cool!’”

But then the already deserving winner did something so lovely, it will truly warm your heart.

He decided that since he’d had so much love and support with his treatment, he wanted to donate the pizza to the Northampton Food Bank so he could give something back to “people that could use it more than I could.”

Josh Dylan – Josh Dylan updated his profile picture. | Facebook

When the pizzeria heard about Katrick’s generosity, they decided to double the prize so both the food bank AND Katrick have ended up with the promise of lots of doughy goodness coming their way.

Despite a quite sad 2016, it looks like the spirit of giving was truly alive this festive season. 

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