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This is why men no longer have a bone in their penis


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Despite what your foul-mouthed friends would have you think, the human penis has no bones.

And, scientists think it could all be due to marriage and monogamy.

Researchers at University College London traced the evolutionary trail of the penis bone – called the baculum – in primates, finding it first popped up around 50 million years ago.

Lead researcher Kit Opie said the bone was longer in males that had “prolonged intromission”, in other words, those that spend longer penetrating their partners.

(Sean Dempsey/PA)
(Sean Dempsey/PA)

The theory is we lost ours when monogamy went and happened around 1.9 million years ago during the time of – you guessed it – Homo erectus.

“We think that is when the human baculum would have disappeared because the mating system changed at that point,” Opie said, according to the Guardian.

“This may have been the final nail in the coffin for the already diminished baculum, which was then lost in ancestral humans.

“With the reduced competition for mates, you are less likely to need a baculum.”

The findings suggest the bone evolved in mammals more than 95 million years ago and in primates around 50 million years ago.

Opie added: “Despite what we might want to think, we are actually one of the species that comes in below the three minute cut-off where these things come in handy.”

The findings were published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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