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Emetophilia: I get hot when you puke


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Sex and vomiting are somewhat strange bedfellows but for some they go hand in hand.

Emetophilia, also known as vomerophilia,is a paraphilia – or sexual fetish – in which vomiting or watching others vomit is deemed sexually arousing.


Since sexual arousal is such a subjective situation there are very many takes to this practice.

First things first, there are several similarities between the actions of sex and vomiting and several psychological connections between the two activities.

For many, the act of vomiting is sexually arousing. Both vomiting and sex trigger hormones that make people feel better, in fact it is a tendency to feel relieved after vomiting, the same relief involved within the expulsion of fluids through a bodily tube and out of a bodily orifice, like ejaculation for men. Indeed it has been claimed that the ‘spasm, ejaculation, relief’ sequence in vomiting is erotically charged.

Psychiatrist Robert Stoller, collected cases of this fetish and produced an article on the subject in 1982, one which remains the only published scientific account on record.

One of his patients traces her particular sexual arousal back to an early childhood experience, in this case her kind grandmother balancing her on one knee as she vomited from being sick.

“Perhaps I received vaginal stimulation from the way she was holding me,” the emetophile theorised.

Another patient has a similar story, explaining that when she was caught masturbating by her stepfather, he punished her by placing her across his lap and spanking her.

The report states: “She said she could feel his penis against her stomach and began to vomit … The accompanying orgasm, during the vomiting episode, was the most intense sensation she [had] ever experienced.”

Some individuals may get sexually aroused by their partner actually vomiting on them. This is highly connected with the concept of submission and therefore masochism.

The opposite practice, such as inducing vomiting in a partner and forcing it, involving force, highlights shades of dominance given by erotic humiliation and demonstrating interest in sadism.

A user on the forum emetophilia: experience project writes:

“Man that's when you've hit that warm oozing jackpot. God do I miss it, I had three beautiful years with my ex. We would make sure she drank plenty of water and skipped peakfast for more pleasant results!

Anyway my problem now is not getting a girl to try it: I always get to the stage when they puke in they're mouths BUT SWALLOW! And it's too weird to just say ******* puke all over it, because you have to play it off as an accident to begin with. A beautiful accident. I called it one that feels amazing! When they puke in their mouth and swallow I often say 'let it out' sometimes producing results but more often not.”

For others, more rare cases, sexual arousal is caused by imagining or thinking about vomit, which often includes just talking about it, collecting photographs and videos, or hearing others vomiting.

The internet certainly helps with this fetish, pinging people together on forums by posting videos and pictures, like on this website:

A Yahoo user says: “I was drunk while out during New Year’s Eve and I saw a big heap of vomit. Normally this would make me vomit at the sight of it but because I was drunk I lay down on my side next to it and started licking it. I am worried because ever since this I have become addicted and I often go out in the early hours of the morning in the hope to discover vomit to fuel my addiction the more congealed the vomit the better."

Some also feel that emetophilia is highly correlated with emetophobia, the fear of puking, and there are several cases of people fearing vomit so deeply they start being attracted to it.

Even though this fetish is still hard to fully understand, many affected by this sexual arousal feel that it is something deeply intrinsic to their character. Several define themselves as "vomiters".

A forum user underlines: "I believe that the way we are affected by our [vomiting] kink transcends international borders and cultural differences, and is something basic to our human nature. I feel strongly that emetophilia is more than ‘just’ a kink, and has deeper origins than most fetishes."

This said, next time you see your crush and your stomach is churning, will you think twice in calling them butterflies? 

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