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Lecturer accidentally sends students link to Pornhub anal bead video on uni message board


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Imagine this: you log on to your university’s message board, where your lecturers and fellow students regularly post helpful resources – links to articles, lecturer notes, reading lists, careers resources, instructional Pornhub videos, past exam papers, study guides...

Wait, what?

It’s the kind of incident that people have nightmares about - but unfortunately it really did happen to one (now we presume extremely hapless) university lecturer.

On 31st March law Professor Lisa McElroy, of Drexel University in Philadelphia, logged on to her department’s message board to innocently share a really “great article on writing briefs.”

But it looks like (and we make a large assumption here, so forgive us, Ms McElroy and the world, if we’re wildly incorrect) she’d been looking up something a whole lot less academic in the moments before.

Specifically, the link shared was not one to a briefing guide as she had indicated, but actually a link to a Pornhub video entitled “SHE LOVES HER ANAL BEADS?”

The capitals! The question mark! Oh, the level of cringe that we just cannot comprehend!

Then, instead of this unfortunate moment causing everyone to have a bit of a laugh before forgetting all about it albeit potentially saving it for a later uni-based anecdote, the story got picked up by the world’s press.

Because really, who doesn’t love an embarrassing story about anal beads?

No one, that’s who. 

Sorry, Ms McElroy.  We feel your pain... sort of.

The worst news in all of this entire seedy, beady affair is that McElroy is now in danger of getting fired after Drexel top bods set about investigating the incident.

Yes, an actual investigation into the accidental linking to a video of anal bead action. We think some people need to grow a sense of humour fairly sharpish...

No word yet on whether McElroy is still at work, head held high - or if she’s actually hiding at home and frantically hitting clear on her internet search history.

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