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Say hello to Mr Balls, the world's weirdest mascot


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It’s said that fear is a good way to make people listen to what you have to say, but with their new ‘mascot’ one Brazilian testicular cancer awareness group have taken that idea to the next level.

Mr BallsMeet “Senhor Testiculo” (or Mr Balls to use English speakers) the walking, smiling, ball-bag with a face that is here to tell us all about testicular cancer.

With a massive grin he seems to be the happiest scrotum in the land.

The ballsy new mascot made his first public appearance an event run by the Associação de Assistência às Pessoas in Viçosa, Brazil, where he greeted many bemused children (and adults).

There’s still no word on whether our testicular new friend has reached out to ‘Scrotie’, Rhode Island School of Design’s unofficial ‘giant penis’ mascot.


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