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Fifty Shades causes mysterious disappearance of 'shackles and chains' from Blackpool Tower Dungeons


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Medieval props have been stolen from Blackpool Tower Dungeons - and it is believed that Fifty Shades of Grey is to blame.

The thefts have led to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon's actors being given extra training to ensure that customers are politely moved on once they have experienced the attraction to avoid further thievery.

The first item to be found missing was a pair of shackles from the torture show three weeks ago, and this was soon followed by the loss of a large chain hanging on a wall also in the torture show area.

The number of female tourists has also noticeably risen since women have been able to get their hands on the raunchy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Blackpool Tower Dungeon general manager Garry Blackadder said: “The Fifty Shades effect is clearly boosting our visitor numbers right now, especially among groups of middle aged women.”

He even remarked that “there seems to have been much more pointing and giggling at the props than previously.”


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