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Possum tree-drinking game causes anger


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When the subject of drinking games is brought up you probably think of well-worn classics such as Ring of Fire, Arrogance and Never Have I Ever.

In New Zealand though, students have a very different way to pre-lash.

Instead of sitting around kitchen tables, flipping coins and sacrificing vodka and coke for the dirty pint, New Zealand’s students have developed a drinking game called ‘possum’.

Possum involves them climbing up trees, and then downing as much alcohol as they can before falling to the ground in drunken stupor.

Authorities in student city Dunedin, on South Island, are not happy about the appearance of the game.

Dunedin City Council's parks manager Alan Matchett calls possum ‘pointless’, and has expressed his worry over the safety of multiple students falling out of trees.

"What they drink has to come out again, so they do throw up and urinate from the trees," he said. "Obviously, it's not nice to have that left behind."

The University of Otago, in Dunedin, say that any student found to have been playing possum will be required to clean up their own mess.

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