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Woman Falls Off Pier, Finds 'New Lease On Life'


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A woman who accidentally walked off a pier whilst sending a text is hoping her experience will raise awareness of the dangers of walking and texting.

Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor fell off the pier whilst out walking with her family last Monday. Her husband and a passing teenage girl followed her into Lake Michigan in a brave rescue effort. Pier

All three were recovered from the water after firefighters, police and the Coast Guard arrived on the scene.

Miller described herself to as 'really quite embarrassed', adding that she is 'just so grateful to be alive. I have a new lease on life.'

Miller's husband, Greg Miller, described the incident as 'very chaotic for a bit. I just went for it and gave her a big push towards the side of the channel there.'

Despite the chaos, nobody suffered any serious injuries in the fall.

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