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Brothel barbeque gone wrong


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A brothel owner now regrets what he thought was a clever business idea.

SausagesThe owner of brothel Club Savannah in Switzerland came up with what he thought was an easy way to drum up trade. With every visit, the owner would offer punters a free sausage as a post-coital snack.

But things went terribly wrong when the man lost control over his barbeque, causing a fire that burnt the establishment to the ground. The blaze started in the courtyard, but spread to the main building before fire fighters managed to get it under control.

Naked clients and sex workers could be seen fleeing the building.

It seems Swiss brothels have been rather unlucky lately when it comes to fires. Last year a brothel for transsexual prostitution was destroyed by flames, forcing one customer to escape through a window and climb onto the window ledge. He managed to dodge the fire, his only problem seemed to be that he was stark naked.

The man is simply known as “Memeth J” and had been asleep when the fire broke out. With no time to grab his clothes, he ran for the window.

Outside, local newspapers got pictures of his exposed rear but no one managed to get a photo of the man’s face. Memeth J himself said he was happy about that, as he didn’t want his family to be able to identify him.

“I’m gay, but my family don’t know about me so I couldn’t show my face”, he later said.

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