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iPhone beer-cannon makes walk to the fridge a thing of the past


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This might just be the best use for an iPhone ever! A phone controlled fridge that shoots cans of beer across the room from a cannon.

The Beer-bot was created by Ryan Rusnak after he decided that walking to the fridge for a beer was too much hard work.

His first prototype was a basic vending machine that dropped chilled beers from the fridge into a tray below.

But unsatisfied he added a compressed air cannon.

He said: "It was kind of famous last words: 'how much pressure should we use?' The first attempt smashed the can into the roof and blew it into a thousand pieces."

Users log into the fridge via a dedicated web server, using a web app developed by Ryan's friend Josh Lilly.

They choose from a selection of beers before using a webcam installed in the front of the perspex-panelled fridge to aim the cannon and send a cold can of beer hurtling across the room.

“All the tinkering and everything took about three months to get it absolutely right. After working an eight-hour day, coming in and firing a can to yourself is just the best thing. Even now I've fired it hundreds of times and it's still cool," he added

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