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Italian man survives being shot in head by sneezing out bullet


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The BBC is reporting that an Italian man survived being shot in the head after sneezing the bullet out through his nose.

Darco Sangermano, 28, had been taken to hospital in Naples for emergency treatment after being hit by a stray bullet during New Year's Eve celebrations.

The bullet passed behind his right eye and lodged in his nostril, but miraculously did no serious damage.

He is expected to make a full recovery, doctors say.

The Italian was hit on the side of the head, behind his right eye by a stray .22 calibre bullet during New Year’s celebrations in Naples.

Bleeding heavily, he was rushed to hospital.

But while he was waiting for doctors he sneezed - and the bullet popped out of his right nostril.

Doctors say it had been slowed down when it hit his skull - which almost certainly saved his sight, as well as his life.

Sangermano is expected to undergo laser surgery on his right eye's damaged retina.

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