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Plane masturbation blamed on Tabasco


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A 50-year old American man was arrested before Christmas after he exposed himself on a flight and allegedly masturbated next to a 17-year old girl on the plane.

The girl moved seats to get away from the man who she claimed was a pervert.

Upon arrival at the airport, the girl told her father, who contacted the Transportation Security Administration. When TSA officials contacted the local police department, the man was placed under arrest on suspicion of "misdemeanour indecent exposure".

The man’s explanation for his indecent act is bizarre, with him claiming that he spilled Tabasco sauce on his crotch, causing him to expose himself and to rub violently to reduce the burning and itching.

It has been pointed out that standard Tabasco sauce bottles only allow one small drip at a time, so a lot of spillage it unlikely. The man will have to use this excuse in front of a judge soon.

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