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The Syria conflict explained in five minutes


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There is one word at the heart of much of our current turmoil – that word is “Syria”.

SyriaWe know that Syria is where the influx of refugees is coming from, we know it is at war, and we know that it is where ISIS is conducting its reign of terror, but how much do we really understand about what is going on in that troubled nation?

It is, more than, complicated.

This brilliant video from Vox, explains the Syrian situation in just over 5 minutes - from the first protests against Assad’s regime in early 2011, through the emergence of different factions and to the confrontation between regional powers and the involvement of the US and Russia.

This video shows that the case for whether we should bomb Islamic State is not as straightforward as it seems. Next time someone argues for or against the bombing show them this and ask their opinion again.

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