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Generation Z are the most regretful about missed travel opportunities


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A recent study has found that Generation Z have the most regrets about missed travel opportunities.

A reported 82% of 18-24 year olds wished that they had booked that backpacking trip to South East Asia or taken that road trip across the US.

The research conducted by found that some of the greatest regrets of all travellers included not travelling as often (46%), not travelling whilst young (35%) and not going to faraway exotic destinations (25%).

It was also found in the younger age groups, that 35% had regretted not being more adventurous when travelling and unsurprisingly 32% of young travellers found it upsetting when they failed to capture the perfect picture compared to 23% of older travellers.

Hey, we aren’t called the Instagram generation for nothing. Right?

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But there is more to gain from travelling than flooding your social media sites to make your friends and family jealous. By jumping on a plane or catching a train you could…

  • Overcome your biggest fears. Whether it's navigating through a new city, communicating with the locals or simply surviving in a foreign country.  Over 61 % of generation Z’ers found that they conquered their fears and anxieties abroad.  
  • Find yourself… or at least realise what you want to do with your life. Over 19% of globetrotters reported finding their purpose in life and 71% of generation Z revealed that their adventures abroad resulted in life-changing outcomes… so certainly its worth a shot?
  • Master a new language. Travelling will allow you to experience different cultures, meet interesting people and improve your communication skills. 15% of those that travelled abroad learnt a new language.
  • Get healthy. Travel is also valuable for keeping healthy, both mentally and physically. Almost half of those surveyed found travel improved their mental health (47%) and over a quarter felt it benefit them physically (26%). 
  • Find your future partner or new BFF. Over a quarter of the 20,500 global travellers asked in the research disclosed that they had made long lasting friendships and relationships through travelling. 
So, what are you waiting for?

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