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Welcome to a Wild Western summer in Kane County


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Ever daydreamed about packing in the day job to run off into the wilderness, ride horses and live on nothing but barbequed meat and hard liquor? Well, Butch Cassidy, now’s your chance.

Kane County is arguably one of the fastest developing tourist destinations in the US state of Utah, boasting majestic world-famous landmarks, unexplored deserts and natural parks, and a backdrop to boot.

Southern Utah is beautiful all year-round but has a particular shine during the saccharine, summer months. If you’re looking for action-packed adventure, incredible food and a chance to capture true natural charms, Kane County is the place to be.

Soak up cinematic history on the streets of Kanab

Also known as ‘Little Hollywood’, the infamous streets of the city of Kanab have been walked by some of the biggest names in the movie industry. Over 200 classic westerns have used the city as their backyard since the 1920s, and this summer Utah are putting on a show to celebrate.

The Westerns Legends Roundup returns for its 20th year this August, putting on round-the-clock entertainment including tours of classic filming locations, outdoor performances, and wild, desolate treks.

For wannabe wild-west bandits, hop aboard an authentic covered wagon for a 60-mile round trip through the striking Utah landscapes, passing sections of the must-see Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Get shredding on the dunes

Utah is home to 5 spanning National Parks which, more often than not, can take up a hefty portion of your travel itinerary. If you’re short on time and need help picking just one; look no further than the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

Coral-toned sand dunes have basked in the glow of Utah’s blazing sun for more than 10,000 years. Set amidst throngs of blood-red sandstone cliffs, the dunes are a popular destination for adrenaline seekers looking to sandboard, hike and ride their way through their Utah bucket list.  

Dig out yer boots n’ caps on for an authentic Western show

Image courtesy of Zion Ponderosa Resort.

Fancy finding out what the famed ‘Dolly Parton race’ entails? At Zion Ponderosa Resort, you’ll get a front-row seat at the Saturday Night Western Adventure. Experience authentic American West games and ho-downs during their peak season, all for free. Just remember to bring a hat, and your best whoopin’ and hollerin’ skills.

Fancy something a little more peaceful? Head out on a calming horse-drawn wagon ride through the nooks and crannies of the Zion National Park; breath in the fresh sagebrush, ponderosa pine and top off the excursion with a traditionally-cooked Dutch oven dinner.

Book a slot for exploring

Kane County is a hot spot for slot canyon hiking. Slot canyons are precariously narrow canyons (some measuring as thin as 3 ft. in width) which have formed naturally over millions of years. The softer rocks like sand- and limestone are subjected to years of particular rainfall, temperature, and erosion, forming a daringly thrilling challenge for adrenaline seekers.

One of the most sought-after spots in Kane County is the Escalante River region; home to the spectacularly treacherous Davis and Llewellyn Gulch. Magnificent views at the base of 1500-foot cliffs, crystal clear streams and walls splattered with luminous red, orange and yellow hues, the canyon is a true adventurer’s paradise.

Just one piece of advice…Don’t watch 127 hours on the plane ride over.

Unwind and unravel in Duck Creek Village

Image courtesy of the Duck Creek Village Association.

This quaint village is set amidst the backdrop of some of the natural world’s most prized jewels and was once the setting for Elizabeth Taylor’s appearances in Drums Along the Mohawk and National Velvet.   

The people of Duck Creek put on quite a show to celebrate the mild summer months. Every July, booths, and exhibits showcase the wares of local vendors, dancing, arts and crafts, music, and swathes of hungry tourists dig into winning dishes of the Chilli Cook-off.

After the festivities, local guides encourage hikes to the top of Cedar Mountain, dips and flips in Navajo Lake and a good night’s rest in some of their stunning mountain-side eco-lodges.

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