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6 must-have travel gadgets for 2018


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Sometimes it’s good travel to get a break from technology, but these six gadgets will improve your travels without being a distraction.

1. Travel adaptor

Travellers, particularly vloggers, need to power their gadgets during their travels. Some small and fun travel adaptors come with USB outputs, which is ideal for hostel-dwellers constantly battling for socket space!

2. Power bank

There’s nothing worse than seeing something amazing and wanting to take a picture to find… your battery is dead. Be smart and grab yourself an Anker power bank before your next adventure. They’re available for a reasonable price on Amazon and bound to keep you snapping throughout your travels.

3. Wireless speaker

A wireless speaker is the perfect accessory for any occasion: those unexpected parties on the beach, lonely nights in your tent, or chilled hostel gatherings. There are loads of great speakers on the market right now, just make sure to shop around for something that suits your travel plans.

4. Smart Padlock

Smart suitcases are all the range no, but could cost you as much as your city break. Instead, keep your bags safe with a Master Lock padlock, available from Amazon for between £30-40. The lock opens using an app connected to your phone, so no need to worry about keys!

5. Fitness tracker

Make use of that Fitbit your mum bought you for Christmas last year and keep track of your steps progress during your travels. Set yourself a daily goal to stick to your fitness schedule while holidaying.  

6. Head torch

“Why should I spend money on a head torch when I can just use my phone?” I hear you ask. Because they’re super compact, portable, and probably far more likely to survive a fall in the dark.

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