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7 destinations to NOT take your partner for a romantic weekend


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Valentine’s Day can be a really special occasion, as long as you choose the right location.

Luckily, I have taken the time to do the research for you so you don’t end up in any of the places listed below.

1. Swansea, UK

Despite the long, open beaches and fresh sea air, Swansea is high up on the list of least dreamy destinations.

According to 3% of Britons, it’s one of the last places you’d want to go on a romantic Valentine’s break.

Even the Wetherspoons took a battering last year with one TripAdvisor review calling it the worst in the whole of Britain.

2. Belgorod, Russia

A hot toddy and a cuddle by the fire. Belgorod sounds like an idyllic cosy break with a loved one, doesn’t it?

Not so much when you discover that Valentine’s Day in schools and government offices is banned.

The townsfolk believe the annual celebration promotes promiscuity over true love.

3. Rotorua, New Zealand

Also known as “Sulphur City”.

While the countryside is beautiful to look at, with its distinctive landscapes and soothing hot springs, the smell isn’t quite what you’d have in mind to set the mood.

The whole place wreaks like your dad’s socks after a long day mowing the lawns in 30-degree heat.

4. Coventry, UK

Coventry is a concrete wonderland; an industrial masterpiece for sure, but not quite the landscape you’d put a list of aphrodisiacs.

A feature that could one day redeem the run-down city and get the Valentine’s juices flowing is the statue of Lady Godiva who, about 1,000 years ago, famously rode stark naked through the city centre. 

Depends what you’re into, really.

5. Zagreb, Croatia

Browsing (and maybe even contributing to) the collection of items at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb isn’t really date material. 

Curators have transformed old relationship relics into stories, like the one about a scorned lover who spends his time breaking up his ex’s belongings while she rolls around with a new lover.


6. Slough, UK

Consistently in the top ten least romantic places to visit in the UK, poor old Slough is the ugly duckling of the Thames Valley.

The town is primarily a commuter hub, and was famously the subject of a scornful poem by the late Sir John Betjeman, who wrote:

“Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough; It isn’t fit for humans now.”

7. The Divorce Hotel, The Netherlands

Check in married, check out divorced. That’s the philosophy (and reality) of the Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands.

While definitely not the most romantic destination for your besotted Valentine, the hotel offers unhappy couples the chance to quickly and amicably resolve their disputes.

In just two days you can go from married to single again, all from the comfort of a hotel bedroom.  

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