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72% of women reckon they do the bulk of holiday planning


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When it comes to holiday planning, who does what?

Statistics show that 72% of women consider they tend to do the bulk of it and two thirds of women think they are better at organising holidays than their partner is. In research commissioned by Airport Parking & Hotels, it was revealed that 66% of men think they, in fact, do most of holiday organising.

Tasks are divided: While men tend to carry out tasks like booking the rental car, securing the airport parking space and purchasing foreign currency, women are more likely to do the packing, arrange the travel insurance and ask neighbours to water the plants and look after pets while they’re away.

The study has also found that women tend to shop for last minute holiday essentials, oversee passports and arrange excursions, while men pack the car and sort out airport transfers.

There is an explanation for this tendency. “Perhaps we tend to carry out particular tasks because they are suited to particular strengths or interests.” Spokesman for Airport Parking & Hotels Nick Caunter said. According to the study, it depends on what men and women are inclined to do and better at.

Despite the trend, 63% of women said they have done some of their partner’s tasks before and almost 50% of the men assume they carry out tasks their partner struggles with.

While holiday organising is clearly divided, there are, however, tasks in common, such as deciding what country to visit and what is the budget.

Planning a holiday is not as simple as it seems. In fact, both men and women find it stressful to remember everything for their holiday, even though the proportion for women is higher: 74% compared to 53%. According to those polled by the research, couples also tend to forget something three times every time they go away and three quarters of them have even had to go back home or to the hotel because they left something behind.

40% of women think their partner is most likely to forget something, whereas only 19% of men said the same thing.

Holiday planning might be conflicting and it can lead to arguments over who is supposed to do what, as one third of UK adults can prove, but ultimately having a great holiday is what really matters. 

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