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7 excellent reasons to travel around Europe by train


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Travelling by train means great scenery, city to city travel, avoiding officious airport security – and unlimited access to the buffet car. We’re sold on European rail travel, and you should be too. Here’s why.

1. City centre to city centre travel


Board in central London and arrive in Europe in the heart of Paris, Lille or Brussels, putting an end to lengthy and expensive transfers from out of town airports. What could be better, more efficient or more relaxed? Literally nothing, that’s what.

2. A wide range of destinations


The train can get you to major cities, provincial towns and the smallest villages throughout Europe. In France in particular, the rail network is so comprehensive that whether you’re heading for the mountains, beach, countryside or city, there’s likely to be a station very nearby.

3. On board space and comfort


Forget being crammed into a tiny airline seat – just  sit back and relax in spacious seats, or take a stroll to the buffet car. It’s often not that much more expensive to treat yourself to first class for even more on board space. Bliss. 

4. No additional fees or charges


There’s no charge to carry luggage on board European trains. In fact, you can usually carry two bags per person, plus hand luggage, and as long as your bags can fit in the luggage spaces at the ends of the carriages, there’s no limit to their size. On some trains, you can even carry your bike or your dog.

5. High speed all the way


The European rail network is expanding all the time, with more and more high-speed lines opening and reducing journey times between major European cities. It’s only two hours 16 minutes from London to Paris, four hours 16 minutes from London to Reims, four hours 17 minutes from London to Cologne, four hours 38 minutes from London to Amsterdam, six hours 23 minutes from London to Marseille, and 6 hours 32 minutes from London to Geneva...

When you factor in the getting to the airport, the security, the waiting, the flying, the pitching up miles outside an unfamiliar city at the other end... yeah, you get the idea.

6. It’s better for the environment


Rail is the greener way to travel, emitting up to 10 times less carbon than a plane journey. Travelling by train lets you take your carbon conscience on holiday with you. And that just helps everyone.

7. Views like these

Don't get this close to the iconic sites on a plane, do you?

Ok, I’m convinced.

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