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The Scottish cave that has inspired everyone including Pink Floyd


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This geometric cave, located on the uninhabited volcanic Scottish island of Staffa, is more than just a National Trust site. It has been an inspiration to many, from 18th century poet-historian James Macpherson to rock group Pink Floyd.

Fingal's Cave was formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions and vast amounts of lava spreading into the Atlantic Ocean. Today, the tourist site stands at 72 feet tall and is 270 feet deep, made entirely from hexagonal columns of basalt with six perfectly formed columns that make up the inner walls. 

Little was known about the island of Staffa or the cave until it was brought to the attention of the world in 1772 by 18th century naturalist Sir Joeseph Banks. Around this time, popular Scottish poet James Machpherson, who translated an ancient Gaelic poetic series titled Fingal, an Ancient Poem in Six Booksgave the legend its new name.

Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn brought further attention to the cave in 1829, after being so moved by the splendour of it that he wrote an overture inspired by the echoes in the cave. Over the 19th century the cave attracted some famous visitors including author Jules Verne, who used the inspiration he gained from the cave in his books Le Rayon, The Mysterious Island and Journey to the centre of the Earth, romantic artist J. M. W. Turner who painted "Staffa, Fingal's Cave", as well as John Keats, Lord Tennyson, William Wordsworth and Queen Victoria, who all paid a visit.

The cave is now solidly placed as an inspiration to many, even attracting the attention of rock group Pink Floyd who named one of their early unreleased songs after the site. 

If you want to visit Fingal's Cave you can do so between the months of April to September, where you can either pass the entrance to the cave or visit the island of Staffa and hike into the cave.

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