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Travel blogger Stephanie on drinking cobra shots in Vietnam working from Finland to Fiji


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The title of the amazing travel blog for millennials, Why Wait to See the World?may be a question - but co-founders Stephanie and Megan believe they have the answer: don’t!

Why Wait is designed not just to encourage you to travel, but to give you the tools to do it. It’s chock full of resources and information from expert travellers on why, and how, to travel abroad.

And luckily enough, one half of that expert traveller team, Stephanie Yoder (who has been travelling on and off for the past decade!) has agreed to be interviewed by The National Student.

Get ready for a fascinating insight into a wonderful, world-traveller lifestyle, including Stephanie’s dream destination, her romantic vacation gone wrong, and the time that she drank shots of cobra blood!

Let’s start at the beginning: was there one trip in particular that inspired your passion for travelling? What was it about that place that made you realise you wanted to travel the world?

Studying abroad in London really opened me up to the joy of travel, but it was a trip to Iceland a couple years later that really set things in motion for me.

I was living in my hometown, working a 9-5, doing fine but generally feeling pretty aimless. I took a trip to Iceland with a girlfriend and we spent the most wonderful week driving the Ring Road, sitting on black sand beaches, hiking through tall grasses and spotting puffins off the coast. It was the summer solstice and the sun never set the entire week we were there.

It was then I decided that nothing made me happier in life than travel, and I needed to find some way to pursue that. I came home, started a blog, and began to save my money - the rest was history.

What about your craziest trip? Ever have something go unexpectedly wrong happen that was a nightmare at the time but is funny to look back on now?

Visiting China felt pretty crazy! Everything there is just so culturally opposite to what I was used to, it really did feel like visiting a different planet.

I was just thinking about a travel disaster this morning. I was supposed to go on a romantic vacation to Spain and Italy with my husband. The night before we were supposed to leave he discovered his passport had expired! Changing the tickets would have been expensive so I flew out the next morning and left him behind to sort his mess out. I spent a long weekend in Barcelona by myself.

At first I was mad, but I actually ended up having a pretty good time!

Culinary travel is a massive part of Why Wait - what’s your all-time favourite food experience?

Some people are really into fine dining, but I am all about street food - the cheaper the better!

I seriously loved Vietnam and China for that reason. Mexico is also marvellous for street food, with a taco stand on every corner. Some of my other favourite places to eat are Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Argentina.

The weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’ll eat pretty much anything but the strangest might have been cobra in Vietnam. We even took shots of cobra blood!

Dream trip: if you had an unlimited travel budget, but for only 72 hours, where would you go and what would you do?

That’s a toughie! I would really love to visit Andalucía: Seville, Granada, Cadiz, etc. I’m not sure why I’ve never been but it sounds so romantic with its rich history, tiles, and orange trees. I love history so I would definitely visit the Alhambra.

How do you normally choose where you’d like to go next?

It’s pretty random for me. When you’re willing to go almost anywhere the world is your oyster: a cheap flight, a friend to visit, a conference to attend.

Last year my husband and I went to Japan for a family wedding - we turned it into a three-week tour of the country. Sometimes I am lucky enough to travel on tourism campaigns for work and that can be completely random - I’ve been sent to Fiji, Finland and Sri Lanka, among other spots.

Are there any big misconceptions people have about you and your unconventional life?

People think travel blogger life is super glamorous. It’s not, I swear! Well some days might be - like that time I got sent to Fiji - but 90% of the time I am sitting on my couch, in my pyjamas, in front of my laptop.

It’s a lot of hard work for not that much money - definitely not a get rich quick scheme. At the same time, there are a lot of very rewarding things about choosing to live outside the box.

Finally, what upcoming adventures can we look forward to reading about next on Why Wait to See the World?

We are busy ladies! Megan is always on the move with Argentina, Europe, and the West Coast of the US in her near future. I’m going to Colombia next month, and in October I am moving to Italy! 

So there should be a lot of interesting content coming up on Why Wait as we explore the world and try to help you do it too!

Massive thanks to Stephanie for letting us in on her fascinating life! If you’d like to see what you could learn from her experiences and absorb her expert wisdom, don’t forget to check out our Top Travel Advice from a True Travel Expert

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