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7 places I'd rather be than in the UK right now


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The political situation in the UK now is beyond ridiculous.

From Brexit to a hung parliament and everybody slowly leaving the government and their posts because even they cannot deal with it anymore... literally, a mess.

As we sit and watch everybody run away from their responsabilities, here are seven places I'd rather be than the UK right now. Politics might be bad across the board, but what have other nations got in store for us?


They might have Donald Trump (eeeek!!!), but they’ve also got Bath & Body Works and Zac Efron, so they must be doing something right. Super-sized McDonalds? Check. A Starbucks on every corner? Check. More pancakes than you could probably ever imagine? Check.



It may be mostly trees in this tiny European country, but their prime minister’s husband joined the NATO WAGs for a photo at the recent NATO conference and it was absolutely wonderful.

If you’re into wine, you’ll fit in well as Luxembourg is consistently one of the top three nations when it comes to wine consumption – head to Moselle wine country to get some fizz on your taste buds.



The birthplace of Chanel and Dior, the country that cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to reach the top – and the nation with a president whose name is alarmingly similar to a certain pastel coloured sweet treat…



They might be high-key into Maple Syrup and the weather might be a bit on the extreme side, but Justin Trudeau is probably the most beautiful thing to happen to politics ever.

Canada – specifically Ontario – is also where you can see the other side of Niagara Falls, and it’s the Canadian side that the floodlights come from at night, so it's absolutely beautiful by anybody's standards.



The country may have had to effectively ban Berlusconi from politics, but it is where pizza and pasta are at their very best. And the architecture is second to none: leaning towers, multi-coloured churches and spectacular bridges. Plus it gives you the opportunity to say 'BEEN THERE!' throughout Angels and Demons next time you watch it.



Their ruling party are Eurosceptic conservatives, but their cosmetics are next-level affordable and they have about eight varieties of pizza flavoured crisps, so it’s swings and roundabouts really.

Poland has such an incredibly rich history and culture, too – from Auschwitz to fire-breathing dragons with museums, castles and man-made lakes in between, there’s something for everyone. A truly beautiful country.



The land of Hello Kitty and Pokemon, with its very own Disneyland and sushi available on every street, Japan takes interesting in a completely new direction: there’s a robot restaurant, a karaoke hotel and a monkey mountain – but their political system is pretty similar to the U.K, so take from that what you will.


Here's hoping things calm down a bit soon but until then, you'll catch me dreaming of destinations the world over.

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