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How a year in Paris could be your ticket to a brighter future

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Some degrees offer a year abroad in the middle of the course, but if you opted out to get your studies done and dusted, it might be time for a productive break.

Taking a year out after university is a growing trend amongst recent graduates, with its main attraction being able to escape the university bubble and take some time to mull over graduate options.

Sometimes a graduate job will fall into your lap, but on most occasions it takes a little time before the right thing comes your way.

So, not only does a year out give you the opportunity to chill out, but it can also open doors to new prospects which you can decide on in your own time.

So what about Paris?

The city boasts incredible shopping, museums, art galleries and cuisines and is the perfect place to have a break from the bustle of a university campus.

There are also a plethora of opportunities to pick up some flexible work in Paris, for example in shops and cafés, but particularly in childcare and nannying.

Nannying and other flexible jobs alike offer the perfect balance of stability and freedom.

You can fully immerse yourself in a new way of life, and at the same time experience a new culture which will be an excellent asset to your CV.

Having the opportunity to learn a new language is also a massive CV booster and will help to improve your communicative skills, opening new doors for potential careers.

It’s not all about the work though, as the flexible time schedules of part-time work give you time to yourself for sight-seeing, making new friends and having a jolly good time.

Companies like Nannynou have fantastic programmes that don’t involve any sign up fees, the possibility of accommodation, and a competitive salary for such a flexible schedule.

This means financing your time abroad will be much easier; you can choose the hours to fit your needs and work as little or as much as you need to fund your days out.

Without any childcare qualifications, you could be working with children over the age of three, helping them improve their English skills using the skills learned with Nannynou training.

If you have previous qualifications, you could work with children under three and have more range of how to design your working time.

Nannynou also offers accommodation with another nanny like yourself, so you’ll be fully engaged with the French culture during the day, and can crawl back to a shared apartment to swap stories at night.

It is the perfect part-time job, allowing you that extra bit of time to come to terms with being plonked into the real world and to figure out which direction you’re headed.

It is also an excellent piece of work experience that will attract future employers.

Moving to a new country and a new culture, and getting stuck in with local people through jobs like nannying show initiative, adaptability and a strong work ethic.

So if you’re stuck in a rut about what to do once graduation has passed, have a think about a year out in Paris.

Nannynou are looking to recruit new nannies in May for a September start, and taking the plunge now could benefit you for the rest of your working life!

Find out more about Nannynou and apply to become a nanny in Paris here.

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