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Top Destinations for 2017: Fiji

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Are you looking for dazzling sands, gentle, bright sun shining on glowing blue water, and a rest under a palm tree with a fancy cocktail in hand? The South Pacific archipelago of Fiji will embrace you with marine wonders, exciting adventures and a warm welcome for beach-lovers whether with family or friends.

Fiji’s unique landscape, rainforest and fascinating marine life attract adventurers, couples, backpackers and a families to explore and relax in its many islands. It is a place for everyone. Zip-wiring, climbing, wakeboarding - you name it, it’s here. Sunbathing beside the coconut trees, showering under a cool waterfall or enjoying a spa treatment in the wood - big smiles and hugs from locals will make you feel your time is totally time well-spent.

Where to go

One of the most famous Fijian towns for international travellers, Nadi, is the best place to embrace the warm air and gentle sunshine welcome. Located on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu, the multicultural town serves with diverse food variety, quality accommodation and local landmarks.

Afterwards embrace the 80km stretch of beaches and bays along the ocean road between Nadi and Suva, on the Coral Coast.  From a fisherman selling his day’s catch on the roadside to bargaining with a local at the Sigatoka Market, you can fully immerse in Fijian island life.

Take a snap in the clear water with the giant waterfalls as a background in Bouma National Heritage Park. You can also join a private guide tour to go through the slippery, narrow, muddy, and rocky trials. Don’t worry - you are promised with a stunning view and cool bath after the long walk.

An ideal place to enjoy the sandy beach, marine life and a cocktail on the coast is Manta Ray Island Marine Resort. Located in the Yasawa islands, you can try diving with Mantaray Dive – it’s Fiji’s speciality, after all. No matter whether you are a novice or a certificated diver, the resort provides a variety of diving experience at every level.

What to do

Go for a zip-wire adventure 

No matter if you’re adventurous, energetic or hedonistic (or all three) - Fiji truly offers something for everyone. Try to ride on the thriller Zipline and test your limit. Located in Nadi, the Zipline adventure is more than an adrenal-driven experience - flying over waterfalls, raging rivers and tropical jungles, the wonder of nature will fascinate you.

To go along with Fiji islanders’ appraisal of nature, the Zipline is also designed for a unique eco tour to allow visitors to explore further how local people strive to preserve their natural habitats.

Swing through the sky

Giant Swing Kila is another excuse for you to screaming through the jungle. Located in the Kilo Eco Adventure Park, the Giant Swing is a few storeys high. Climbing the pillar and tightening the safety belt, you then take the leap and reach the sky. You can also join other fantastic activities such as Commando Course, High Rope course, Low Rope course and sprawling over acres of greenery.

Go wakeboarding... with a horse

Chris McLellan

If you’re into water sports, you can try wakeboarding behind a horse. Yes, you read that right. Located near Eco Café on the Coral Coast, a guy riding on a horse can gallop along as you board along the surf. You can also try scuba diving, snorkelling and a various range of water sports on the beach. Feel like being a speculator? You can order a banana smoothie at Eco Café, enjoy the lovely sunshine and laugh at your friend who is carried away by the horse ride.

Indulge in a mud bath

Don’t get put off if you don’t feel like you are a sporty person, the nature in Fiji accommodates people of all needs, including those who travel there for leisure and exploration. Relieve your muscles and stressed body though diving into Sabeto and Tifajek Mud pools and hot spring in Nadi. Both pools are right next to each other and owned by the same family. Get your body at ease by coating yourself in mud, then baking in the sun until it dries. Washing off in the first spring pool, you can then walk into the next clear water pool for further ripping off the mud. You can also enjoy a good message with a little extra cost.

Visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

After enjoying the natural mud therapy, stop by the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and enjoy the attractive highland landscape.

Initially designed to house the American actor Raymond Burr’s collections of orchids, the garden has developed into a popular attraction. You can find more than 2,000 different kinds of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids, and free walking guides are provided to tell you how this mountain valley was turned into the magnificent garden that it is today. 

Swim in a waterfall

Take the plunge and spend your time on bathing in Tavoro Waterfalls. Located in Bouma, you can join a local tour, go through the jungle and track down the waterfalls. The walk takes about 45 minutes, and then you can jump into the clear water and enjoy a cooling bath.

Sample the spa life by the sea

Offering a relaxing experience to your health and wellbeing, the luxurious Warwick Fiji Spa will restore your mind, body and soul. Inspired by Polynesian welling rituals, the treatments on offer will leave you refreshed. Inhaling the delicate scene of Fijian flowers and listening to the sounds of birds in the trees around you, you can relax in the rhythm of waves washing along the shore. 

Embrace local culture

Go to the open souvenir market in Nadi and pick up some traditional Fijian crafts. Ranging from wooden kava bowls, hand-painted saris and sceptre-like cannibal forks, you will find a perfect gift for everyone back home.

You can also visit the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple to explore the country’s Indian vibes and finish your tour by ordering an Indo-Fijian feast of fresh fish curry and spiced roti at the famous Curry House.

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 Images: Tourism Fiji 

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