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A decade of epic travels with Nathan Millward


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A lot of people have passed through the ranks of The National Student, but few stand out as clearly as Nathan Millward – our very own adventurer.

Our journey with Nathan started in 2006, when he submitted a piece on his escapades from the first (and only) Student Gumball Rally. It was a unique travel piece on the crazy across-Europe, road-race that took in bribing corrupt officials, brushes with the authorities and playing golf on a motorway.

Nathan Millward

He then went silent, until 2008 when he submitted his tale of New Year’s Eve 2007 when instead of going to his local pub he and his mates embarked on a 24-hour party trip to Amsterdam by car. The ensuing firework Armageddon and Dutch party time made for his second completely unique piece for us.

But nothing could prepare us for the email we got from him in 2008 stating he had been in Australia to win back a girl, it hadn’t worked out, and he was about to embark on a trip back to the UK on a Postal motorbike without about much power as a hairdryer!

He had started his ‘Traveller’s Tale’ column starting with him heading to Oz to win back his lady-love, and carried on through the pitfalls of job and visa issues – but the column was about to take a dramatic and brilliant turn. Over the next nine months we published regular updates in our newspaper edition on his travels.

On this epic journey Nathan passed through 18 countries and covered some 23,000 miles through every type of terrain including crossing the Himalayas.

This was such an inspiring journey that it was turned into a book originally published in Australia as Going Postal and in a second edition called The Long Ride Home.

There is now also an awesome short documentary about this long ride across the globe:

The journey we first published inspired many others to take similar trips, and spawned an amazing book. Needless to say Nathan kept up his links with The National Student, giving us this run-down of his journey.

But after that journey Nathan was never going to settle into a ‘normal’ life, and soon enough he dropped everything and with next to no money he headed off to the USA for an epic trek from east to west – which he documented for us on his return.

After completing a second leg of the trip from LA to Alaska and having seen his epic videos and photos we interviewed him about the trip (once a writer, now the subject of a piece about him) which you can read here.

This journey transformed into a second book Running Towards The Light, a much more personal account of his life and his need to find adventure.

In 2015, he kept his ties with The National Student becoming one of the judges for our first ever Student Travel Writer competition and headed off on another epic US ride, this time with a girlfriend in tow – a girlfriend that in true Nathan Millward style became a ‘wife’ in Las Vegas.

Mr Millward has been inspiring us since 2006, and is now inspiring people all over the world with this honest tales of his crazy adventures.

We look forward to reading about many more.


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