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10 tips for backpacking in France

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France has lots to offer. Whether you're into sightseeing, skiing or beach time, the French have a pretty good mix of it all. Many backpackers flock to Paris and the French capital certainly doesn't disappoint. However, getting around capital cities is never easy. We've compiled a few hints, tips and tricks for making the most of your time in Paris.

1. The Bastille Day fireworks display is an amazing experience. An orchestra plays along to the fireworks which are released from and around the Eiffel Tower. Take a picnic and enjoy the view from the surrounding parks.

2. Take your time! It might be tempting to rush around the city to ensure to see everything and it is very easy to be drawn into the hectic pace of the city, but it is much more enjoyable at a relaxed pace.

3. Try the Parisian bakeries and patisseries. They're a cost effective and delicious place to have a bite to eat.

4. Use Airbnb or Couchsurfing to get a cheap (or even free) stay in the city. Hotels and hostels are expensive in Paris and using these sites will help your travel budget stretch further.

5. Go to the Louvre. See the Mona Lisa close up! Not one to be missed.

6. Paris offers more than 200 self-service water fountains – save yourself a couple of Euros each day by refilling your water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

7. On the first Sunday of each month most museums offer free admission; because of this, they are crowded, but those with the patience should take this advantage.

8. See the Arc de Triumph, the spectacular monument commissioned by Napoleon. Just watch out for the busy roundabout which runs around it!

9. If you want to see the shops, you have to take a walk along the Champs-Elysée. Be careful not to blow your budget though.

10. Watch out for street performers. We don't mean musicians, but people who try to coax you into playing a game with them in order to win your money from you. Typical examples are three cups with one ball in a cup. The performer will put the ball in a cup then shuffle the cups around and ask you to choose where the ball is. If you are right, you win 50 Euro. If you are wrong, you lose 50. The performer will always be more likely to win. This is most common around the Eiffel Tower.

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