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Top 10 most exciting summer jobs


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Spring has sprung and so it’s not long until summer bounces into action as well. Leave washing your Dad’s car or walking the neighbour’s dog to summers gone by, and plan one that you will never forget with our Top Ten Most Exciting Summer Jobs.

1. Become a Disney Land character: All those years of being bullied for having ears like Pluto or a face like Shrek will finally pay off ten fold when you are getting paid to become part of the Disney family. Spend your summer prancing about in a costume posing for photographs or dancing to Hakuna Matata in parades.

2. Become a water park life guard: This is the perfect way to work on your tan and get paid at the same time. Many water parks in the U.S and Europe pay generously if you have the ability to swim a few lengths and save obese kids from getting stuck down the slides.

3. Work at Glastonbury: Well someone has to serve the drinks and hand out the wet gear! Instead of selling one of your less vital organs to afford a ticket, get a job at the event and enjoy the music and all that goes with it, with a few extra pounds in your muddy back pocket.

4. Nanny to the stars in the Hamptons: Many of the world’s most famous celebs holiday in the Hamptons and when they are out on location filming or breaking some moves at a P. Diddy party, they always need someone to look after their offspring in their offensively huge mansion with a pool.

5. Busboy at the Plaza Hotel, New York: The role of busboy may not seem appealing in hotels this side of the Atlantic but across the pond people pay big bucks in tips if you save them the hassle of pressing that penthouse button on the hotel lift. With previous guests such as The Beatles and Groucho Marx, who knows whose bags you might end up carrying?

6. Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream attendant: This one isn’t rocket science so if you are partial to the odd tub of Fish Food or Chocolate Fudge Brownie then this is the place for you. Not only are the wages themselves pretty sweet but workers are required to try and rate each new flavour.

7. Holiday Rep: So you were already planning on going on a sun holiday anyway and waking up floating on an inflatable crocodile in nothing but your sunglasses in the middle of a pool… so why not get paid for it instead this year? This job is not for the faint hearted however, and being an insomniac may be a bonus, but if you like to party until you turn blue then this is the job you want.

8. TV Runner: You have tried The X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and any other Simon Cowell spawned wannabe TV show going, but to no avail. Get your face known behind the TV cameras first, with a job as a runner in one of Britain’s major TV channels. Make a few teas, grab a few lunches and who knows, maybe it will be you sitting in Simon’s seat next year.

9. Fringe Festival worker: If previous summers have been a bit of joke, turn this one into a real side splitter. Each year Edinburgh’s Comedy festival looks for individuals to work promoting the shows or showing people to their seats. Along with a job working in the hub of it all, many of the organisers also offer free accommodation.

10. Become a movie extra: There are various agencies available that cater only for movie extras and they don’t require their clients be botoxed size zeros. In fact they take all shapes and sizes and all you have to do is sign up, pay a small fee, upload a photo and next thing you know you are stuffing your face with cucumber sandwiches on the lawn of Downton Abbey while Lady Mary is throwing a fit.

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