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11 things to do in Tofo Beach, Mozambique


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Whilst Tofo Beach, on the southeastern coast of Mozambique, is a relatively laid-back coastal town, there’s a lot to keep you entertained: from diving to surfing, meeting the local villagers and partying all night. Here are our top picks of the best things to do in Tofo…

1. Scuba Diving

Tofo is a world-class scuba diving destination known for its “ocean giants”, so it would be a real shame to visit without checking out its diving.

As well as being home to year-round aggregations of whale sharks and manta rays, there’s a huge variety of marine life for you to see. During the winter season (June to October), your surface interval will be spiced up by sightings of the humpback whales that pass through at this time of year. If you’re really (really!) lucky, you might even see them on scuba.

Peri-Peri Divers has great stay and dive packages as well as running courses if you’re interested in getting your PADI Open Water qualification during your stay.

2. Ocean Safari


You can still have the opportunity to meet Tofo’s ocean giants, even if you’re not a scuba diver.

On an “ocean safari” snorkelling trip, your skipper will drive the boat around the bay until you find a whale shark or manta ray to swim with. Get into the water quietly, so as not to frighten the animal, and you’ll be able to swim alongside it and take pictures.

If you manage to take any photos of its identifying spot patterns (the belly of a manta ray or the side of a whale shark behind its gill slits and above its pectoral fin), you can help conservation researchers by submitting your picture to MantaMatcher or

Remember to give the sharks plenty of space and don’t try to touch them - if you’re relaxed and don’t crowd the sharks, they’re likely to hang around and let you swim with them for longer.

3. Surfing


Tofo has surf breaks for all levels - beginners can take lessons with The Surf Shack and, after a bit of practice, go it alone in the bay which is protected and has gentle waves. Those with more experience can try to catch some of the bigger waves further up the coast - but careful, these reef breaks are for advanced surfers only as you can do yourself quite an injury if you fall.

4. Quad biking


For a fun day out on dry land, organise a quad bike tour. A guide will lead you as you zoom around the dirt roads outside town and explore the nearby areas.

5. Dhow tours

While in Tofo, you can also organise sailing trips on a dhow (traditional African sailboat) to visit the nearby Pig Island. With your guide, you’ll explore the island, meet some of the locals and have a traditional lunch before heading home - with a spot of cheeky snorkelling on the way back.

6. Tofo Life

If you want to get an idea of what life is really like for Tofo’s villagers, check out Tofo Life; an ecotourism venture set up by a group of local village women. They’ll invite you into their homes, teach you how to cook the traditional Mozambican dish “matapa” (made from cassava leaves, peanuts and coconut milk) and show you how they weave mats. You might even be able to have a go at balancing jugs of water on your head - it’s much harder than it looks! This half-day tour is a great way to get a glimpse into authentic village life, meet some of the locals and come away with some new skills.

7. Play Your Part in Marine Conservation

With all that diving and snorkelling, you’re bound to have lots of questions about the ocean giants you’ve seen. Is a whale shark a whale or a shark? How big can they grow? Is a manta ray endangered? How can scientists identify individual mantas?

The best way to get these questions answered - and find out heaps more about marine conservation while you’re at it - is to pop along to the Marine Megafauna Foundation’s regular talks. During the sessions, one of the charity’s researchers will tell you all about the species they’re studying: Manta rays on Mondays, whale sharks on Wednesdays and a range of topics (such as leopard sharks, dolphins or turtles or conservation in general) on Fridays.

8. Watch the Sunset

As the day draws to an end, there’s nothing like watching the sunset… ideally with a frosty 2M beer in hand. Because of Tofo’s location, the best sunset views are from the top of the dunes (if you’re lucky enough to be staying in a guesthouse with a stunning view like Casa Naroo) or over dinner at Guju’s Sunset Bar. After you’ve finished your curry and paratha at Guju’s, it’s worth ordering another beer or cocktail as the restaurant has live music every Friday to kick off your weekend.

9. Chow Down on a Happi Burger

Happi Restaurant at Liquid Divers has, hands down, some of the best food in Tofo - not to mention a spectacular view overlooking the beach. It’ll be hard to know which to put on Instagram first! The vegetarian restaurant has a range of fresh, seasonal specials which change daily but make sure you don’t miss the Happi Burger on a Sunday - it’s the talk of the town!

10. Dance the night away at Mozambeat

Mozambeat Motel is a funky backpackers with great food and chilled vibes. They host poker night on Tuesdays, movie night on Wednesdays and parties until late on Fridays. If you have an early dive the next morning, prepare to be a little fuzzy as it will definitely be a big night!

11. Live Music at Dathonga

In Tofo, Sunday nights are for partying, not for chilling. Dathonga - the art gallery - puts on live music and traditional dance performances every evening before the floor is taken over by a resident DJ. It’s the best way to end the week - so don’t miss it.

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