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This week in Tech: digital eternal life and control over your dreams


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In this week’s tech news we're exploring some new developments in low-carbon travel. Also, in a Black Mirror-esque development, a digital replica of you could soon be chatting to your relatives after your death... 


Virgin plane

Virgin Atlantic will test using a more environmentally friendly fuel on a commercial flight next month.

The fuel has been developed for use in planes as a result of Virgin’s collaboration with LanzaTech. Its production involves capturing and reusing industrial waste gases. LanzaTech have argued that use of this fuel could reduce carbon emissions by up to 70%.




France has just implemented a law that bans the use of mobile phones or tablets in schools.

The ban affects those aged between 3 and fifteen years old. Although phones can be used if there is an emergency or in situations where they facilitate learning. This legislation could help students to be more mindful about their use of technology.


Consumer technology

Jean Rausis has invented the ‘Instadreamer’, a device worn around your wrist that aims to facilitate lucid dreaming.

The wristband is worn during the daytime and the nighttime and it vibrates every so often. A vibration whilst dreaming can allow the user to control what they see in their dream.

The final product will be introduced in February 2019, when we will be able to see whether we can successfully alter our dreams with the help of this gadget.

The future of the afterlife?

 Mobile phone

Work within the field of “augmented eternity” seeks to use AI to create a digital version of us, based largely on our lifetime of technological interactions- our posts on social media, or text messages.

This digital being could have conversations with our family or friends after we have passed away, using algorithms to determine our personal responses. New advances in the field mean that this could be a reality sooner rather than later, but plenty of ethical questions could bar the way too... 


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