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90's robot dog Sony Aibo makes a comeback


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Many of us look back fondly on toys we had, or our siblings had back in the 90’s. There has been a nostalgic resurgence of 90’s culture over the last couple of years, both in fashion and tech. Who would have thought five years ago that Tamagotchis would make a comeback?

Well, the latest toy to make a comeback is the robot dog. Originally released in 1998, the Sony Aibo is back. Of course, it has had a 2018 update.

Don’t get too excited just yet, as they haven’t quite been shipped out to their Japanese owners who have preordered them and there’s no word on an international release. However, despite a $ 1,800 price tag (around £1,335) they have been selling like crazy, so the demand is definitely there!

The original Aibo understood a few of the usual phrases you’d say to a dog, such as “sit”.

However, the new one can also act as a webcam for your home, thanks to the camera in its nose. Other modern updates include OLED eyes, a quad-core CPU, built-in LTE and WiFi for internet connection, motors and gyroscopes which control its 22 parts. It has four microphones which pick up commands, and they are capable of doing so in even a busy tech conference environment. Of course, it has speakers too so that it can robotically woof at you.

It has touch sensitive zones which enable it to react to your touch on its head, front and back. Like a real dog, it apparently can tell the difference between different people around the household and forms a closer bond with those who pet it the most.

It’s certainly an interesting and fun piece of tech and would be perfect for those who want the affection of a pet but have allergies or an unsuitable lifestyle.


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