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New AI experiment creates incredibly British place names


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US programmer Dan Hon created an Artificial Intelligence program capable of generating “incredibly British place names”, he announced on Twitter last week.

Using a neural net algorithm, the programme previously analysed thousands of names of British cities and villages and came up with a list of over 4,500 names that could arguably pass for real place names.

From Crackpot in North Yorkshire to Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, the UK can already provide curious visitors with a vast amount of funny or rude place name options.

Hon’s programme, however, brilliantly adds to the list with fictional names like Farton Green Pear End and Salton Southen’s Hovers sounding exactly like your next rural getaway.

The US programmer wrote on Medium that he was inspired to create this programme following Janelle Shane’s recent experiment on a neural network capable of inventing new paint colours using their RGB (red, green and blue) colour values.

The AI panorama has been evolving at a fast-paced rate in the last few years. While some experiments like the first robot lawyer could be immediately useful for people, there are others of which their utility in practical terms has yet to be tested.

Among these are things such as Google’s recent drawing AI and one from Warwick Business School capable of recognising beauty in landscapes.

And what is your favourite AI program? Let us know in the comments.

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